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Less Medicine, Six ways in Health

Promotion and Disease Prevention


Roman Empire built its first high way, the Alpian Way in 312 B.C., after that a total of 85,000km avenues were completed. The reputation of “Omnes viae Roman ducunt” (or “All roads lead to Rome”) and “Roma, Caput Mundi” (“Rome, the world capital”) were honored.

Facing the environmental degradation, we aware of the importance of “ Energy Saving and Carbon foot print reduction”.

In realizing our health, the following ideas of “Keep the Six main avenues running freely, then we can have less medicine, i.e. fewer clinic and hospital visits and less medicine dispenses.”

Thus majority of “Sub-health” can be improved, and “Health for All” can easily be achieved.

Key words:

Less medicine, concept understandable, smooth in chi-blood circulation, smooth release in excretion and urination, bile ducts drainage, smooth opening of the sweating glands, perpetuating meridians flow, tapping key body meridians and acupuncture points, sub-health.


 “Rotten woods get worms”  vs.  “Organisms get sick from germ infection”, is the controversial philosophy in considering the health-disease equilibrium. The Chinese Medicine favors the former while the Pasteur·s Germ Theory favors the latter. The unfavorable internal environment, such as too much unexcreted internal toxin and the resulting stagnant that obstruct flowing of chi-blood, and other body fluids(e.g, mucous, bile, sweat, etc.) and provide favorable bed for the invading external agents. This situation explains the outbreak of the epidemics, e.g. swine flu or H1N1.

Body meridians are the origin and root in maintaining life in orderly living condition. Since the beginning of sperm-egg zygote formation, body meridians were developed. Cells dividing, multiplying and agglomeration into tissues and organs are commanded by DNA and body meridians. If without the perpetual body meridians and their regular tidal movement, the internal environment of homeostasis won’t be possible. Early in Chinese Han Dynasty, words of “ Body meridians determine our destiny(life or death); ailments and infirmities can be adjusted through meridians. Meridians have to be moving freely” have been stated. (from “Yellow Emperor’s Canon, Ling-shu, Chapter: Meridians). Therefore, body meridians and acupuncture points are the most convenient, effective, express and less side-effect remedy in dealing with first aids, ailments or combating with diseases. Actually, our daily caress and massage were the origin of acupuncture. Through the patting of some important and basic acupuncture points, patients receive the first aid and public benefit in preventive health care.

The more civilized and medical advancement societies, there are more disease names and they are getting more difficult to deal with. The longer the life span, the burden of medical expenses and health care budget are getting tougher for every family, society and country.

Whatever patterns the diseases are, counclusinely there is only one main reason, i.e. “Internal toxin prevails, Mecicatrix(vitality) declines” or “avenues” stagnant, especially the following six avenues:


〈2〉 excretion and urination

〈3〉 hi-Blood circulation

〈4〉 bile ducts drainage

〈5〉 sweat glands opening

〈6〉 tidal movement of body meridians

 are the basic disciplines for diseases and disease prevention or health promotion.

2Six disciplines for Health Promotion

2.concept understandable

2.1.Any disease is the dynamic competition outcome of Yin-Yang, or positive-negative, righteous-evil. Also, the pathologic development has to go through the interaction of external invading agent(s) and the internal environment.

2.2.“Medicatrix (or vitality) exists, deveil won’t bother” (from Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon’)

2.3.“Primum non nocere” (or First, do no harm)

2.4.Ignorance and Fear (to be scared) are the real killers.

2.2 Free excretion and urination

   Keep the alimentary tract moving freely and no fermented food residue or detoxified urine retained.  Alimentary tract cleansing and no urinary tract retention are basic for health.

2.3 Bile ducts drainage

      Liver is the most important detoxifying factory in human organs, and gallbladder is the reservoir for excess bile juice. Therefore bile ducts should always be drainaged and gallbladder shouldn’t have the burden of gallbladder stones. The trinity relationship of liver, gallbladder, and pancreas is very close. The free drainage of bile ducts helps the function of pancreas( in another words, beneficial to diabetes)

2.4.Chi-Blood normal circulation

The above three disciplines plus the good lifestyle, balancing diet and a moderate exercise, a normal chi-blood circulation can be achieved.

2.5.Sweating glands open properly

Sweating glands moisturize our skin , and maintain our body temperature.  On human physiology, skin moisturizing, skin and organ temperature regulation and partial toxicity excretion are controlled and operated by sweating glands of skin.

2.6.Regular tidal movement of body meridians

Body meridians cover all the net work of longitudinal/ collateral meridians, and all acupuncture points throughout body from surface to deep organs. It regulates the correspondence of message, energy transfer and chi-blood fluid circulation. The regulation of meridians can be improved through external application, e.g. accuupressure, gua-sha, cupping, patting, quick walking, hot foot bath, ba duan jin, tai chi, daoyin, etc.



3.        Meridians patting, simple and easy

The indoor lifestyle brings in the sedentary posture, which cause less exercise. Through patting the following recommended acupuncture points, one can easily facilitate the meridian circulation

3.1 Baihui point

   Location: upper center of skull

   Function: headache, high blood pressure, nervosas, motion sickness, hemorrhoid, etc.

3.2 Tanzhong point

   Location: cross section of the two lines, the line between two nipples and the median line of ventral abdomen

   Function: especially effective for respiratory function and neurosis.

3.3 Spontaneous point

    Location: middle of palm

    Function: anti-depression, sedation, etc.

3.4 Daling point

    Location : wrist area

    Function : angina, heart palpitation, vomiting, stomach pain, chest pain.

3.5 Yang-chi point

   Location: dorsal lower arm area closer to the ulna bone

   Function: tinnitus, laryngitis, thirsty, malaria syndrome, chilly.

3.6 Hoku point

   Location: between 1st and 2nd meta capa phalanges but closer to the point finger.

  Function: headache, toothache, deafness, eyes, uncomfortable(sour and pain suffering), shoulder pain, skin itching, dyspnea

 3.7 River point after

    Location: ulna side of the small finger

    Function: smooth the dorsal meridian. Releasing the mental agitation, anxiety , insomnia, cervical cord and spinal cord adjustment, improving eyes function, etc.

 3.8 Huantiao point

    Location: deep in the sciatic nerve( on the connection line between hip cleft and the top point of femur)

    Function: Lumbar area pain, lower part trunk paralysis, lower legs atrophy, urticaria, swelling and unable to rotate of knee and ankle.

 3.9 Patting the Gallbladder point

    Human internal organs consist of two main parts, the five solid organs(liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney) and the six hollow organs (gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder and triple burner) The relationship of liver and gallbladder are very close and intimate; liver functions as commander general, the internal in charge of CEO’s duty while gallbladder serves as adviser, the superficial, in charge of decision. Only when liver and gallbladder in good coordination, one’s health is assured.

    Gallbladder is a factory rather than a storage house which emulsifies fat and provides the needed fatty acids for human beings. If bile ducts were stagnant or obstructed, the bile secretion will be insufficient and cause a harmful health effect. Ailments or diseases related to the gallbladder points are: facial paralysis, mouth bitter feeling, ribs pain, migraine, poor milk secretion, mastitis, kidney pain, squatting part pain, irregular menstruation, sciatic nerve pain, bile ducts disease, knee joint pain, pain feeling along this gallbladder meridian.

    Practice of gallbladder meridian patting will increase the secretion of bile juice, improve the stomach-spleen function, enhance the building material for hematopoiesis.

4Hot water foot bathing(Warming up the meridians and have the collaterals un-impeded)

Foot has intimate relationship with health. There are sayings “Aging starts from weak legs”, “Foot, the bottom, wash it every night”. Su, Tong Po, the great scholar of Chinese Song Dynasty had praise on foot bathing and said  “My host recommended me of foot bathing before going to bed; the good night sleep made me missing the morning bell and drum call”

Foot bathing in hot spring or every night at home in warm water baskets(40±2°C) can stimulate some 60 meridian points in foot. Beneficial effects of foot bathing includes: increasing meridian circulation, set the internal organs in homeostasis, activate the metabolism, etc. There’s a folk song in mainland China: “Foot bathing in spring, activate the growing; Foot bathing in summer, get rid of the hot humid sickness; Foot bathing in fall, moisturize lung and intestine; Foot bathing in winter, keep the pukes warm.”

To enhance the effectiveness of the above saying, a cup or a pills of Ling zhi(Ganoderma Lucidum) is encouraging.

5A wonderful and basic principle (drastic way) of bowel cleansing

In dealing with the infectious disease, the Chinese medicine will take the “treatment of dialectical” and “upholding” (erect the tumbling and get rid of the devil), in another words, internal environment cleansing, increasing the self-defensing immunity’ the (medicatrix), first, then do the prescription accordingly.

Patients receiving the contemporary treatment have different fate compared to the Chinese Medicine treatment. Instead of using antibiotics and antipyretic agents.  in facing a flu patient with respiratory symptoms Chinese medicine will consider the lung and large intestine relationship first, since they have the inside/outside complementary nature, lung, the superficial, while large intestine, the inside. Waste in intestine be removed, and beneficial enzymes and microbials be suplemented, the breeding ground for the invading patrhogen will thus be removed, then the host-agent reaction wont’ be possible.

5.1 Alimentary tract cleansing

   Enzymes can decompose most of the residues in intestine; lactose bccillus can strengthen and improve the intestinal microbial environment; oligos can moisturize the intestine and the feces can contain high percentage of water (±80%). All of these will favor the excretion of the retained waste in intestine, a smooth natural process without doing harm to the host. There is a Chinese Medicine proverb, “For longevity, always keep the bowl clean; for immortal, no feces should left in intestine.”

  Once the intestine has been cleaned, naturally it favors the lung meridians to express its full potential and favors the digestion-metabolism process. Once the digestion and nutrition are holding, then the sweating glands will operate on-off (open-close) functions normally. Once the sweating glands function properly, body temperature, body fluid and skin moisture will be normal, then the host will be in better position against devil invading.

5.2 Bile ducts drainage

   “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ,“Alimentary tract cleansing”(A)  and “Bile ducts drainge”(B) are two sequential works in tanden, process B follows right after process A. From my observation of more than 600 cases, those who had passed the contemporary liver-gallbladder medical exams(including ultrasonic wave B) still can excrete a lot of stones and bile ducts residue after using the simple and safe method. This findings remind us that most of the healthy normal are actually “sub-hlalth”.

  Therefore we can make a broad speculation that most of the adults of the civilized society, under the cornucopian supply of living and the visible invisible pressure and stresses, have “stones” (or residue or sediment in the liver, bile ducts and gallbladder) more or less. These stones may differ in hardness, shape, viscosity and quantity, Stones differ individual by individual. Someone with stones may have or have no symptoms. Residual stones in bile ducts and gallbladder is similar to the auto engines, the carbon residue inside the engine. We can remove the engine carbon by the process of “engine boring”, then what should we do to our bile stones? This is a serious issue worth for our thinking. The contemporary medicine will take the action of surgery and do the operation by removing “ the reservoir”.

If we can follow the same idea of auto engine boring, removing the stones or stones’ precussors instead of the surgical organ removal, the liver-gallbladder system is renewed, old ailments will be improved, the new vitality emerges. This fits the philosophy of Chinese medicine. “Once the devil removed, the righteousness is resuming safe.”

5.3.14 Days Program of alimentary tract cleansing and bile ducts drainage.

This program can be practiced under the supervision of an experienced personnel.

5.3.1Warming up period

5 days before the action, a simplified diet regimen including; regular meals but light, vegetarian as much as possible, keep 70-80% stomach satisfaction. Take Lingzhi enzyme 3 times a day (7 AM, 3PM, 8PM each)

5.3.2 On the six day, other then the breakfast , please keep from eating, in “fast”. Supplement of enzymes, lactose bacillus, lemon juice, olive oil will help removing the deep deposit of residue.

5.3.3 continuing the light diet practice for one more weak, from 7th-14th day. Supplement includes 5 gram of pollen, morning before meal, 2 pills of Lingzhi. At night before bed, take 2 pills of Lingzhi and 4g of blue algae. Be serious on the afterward upholding practice.

5.3.4 Caution and Prohibition

     During the mc period or pregnancy of women, or patients of heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure, etc. are not recommended for this cleansing program. For patients with stone size larger than 2 cm should be cautious.

5.3.5 Frequency of cleaning operation:

     3-6 times for most of adults the first year; after that 1-2 times in spring and fall annually.

5.3.6 Maintenance period after cleansing

     A. 5 g of pollen early in the morning before meal plus 1-2 # of Lingzhi

     B. 4-5 g of blue algae plus 2 # Lingzhi before bed

     C. 30cc of Lingzhi enzyme with 300CC warm water(40ºC) before each meal.

5.3.7Beneficial function observed from the 600 cases of trial test, including; alimentary/ digestive system improved, better appetite, lose weight, cholesterol. High glyceride/ blood sugar etc, corrected and liver fat, waist line, whole body ache, skin luster all improved. For those who have gallbladder stones, please ask your surgeon to hold lancet, to save your organ.


There is a norm:” All ailments(or disease) comes with reasons; toxicity is always the beginning of the culprit.” If one can follow the proverb of ancient wisdom, “Following the natural law of Yin-Yang; operation in accordance with the astrological parameters, with diet regimen, moderation in lifestyle, make no exhaustion in every endeavor, etc.”, in another words, “ Keep the six ways running smoothly” as stated in this article, we can enjoy the state of “Medicatrix exists, no devil can bother.”

Meridians obstruction, constipation and urination impediment, bile ducts obstruction are considered the main culprit for most of the disease nowadays, and “patting meridian, warm water foot bathing, alimentary tract cleansing and bile ducts drainage” are keys for preventive medicine or convalescence.

The above statement and report is based on the 600 cases of evidence and observation. For my inferiority your advices, and comments are highly appreciated. 


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Enzymatic and Probiotics are used during the whole process for an incredibly effective optimal Gastrointestinal, Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse

                                            Health is really so Easy

                          So Simple! Just Start!

Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse - with incredible results in thinner waste line, radiant, clear and glowing skin complexion

A new journey of healthy life starts from here…

Program provided by:  

Health Promotion Teaching & Research Center, Taiwan Natural Medicine Education Organization

Science Guidance:  

American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine

Introduction of “Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse”  Package

Nectar Enzyme (Lingzhi Enzyme): The emphasis on the effectiveness of the Lingzhi Enzyme is regulating, supplementing, moistening and resolving the underlying causes.

These nutrients rich and complete package provides the preparation work before an effective cleanse. It softens the stagnant waste materials in the hepatic and cystic duct, regulates and balances organ’s functions, as well as stimulates and decomposes the toxic and poisonous in the liver. An ideal nutritious health food, best taken on empty stomach or before a meal on a daily basis.

Cleansing Enzyme: The emphasis on the effectiveness on the Cleansing Enzyme is cleansing, regulating, supplementing, and resolving the underlying cause.

Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse is comprises of 60% powerful probiotics and 40% enzyme, it aids in the gastrointestinal cleansing includes stagnant waste materials and fecal encrustation and bad bacterial in the gut. This is why some people named it as an “Internal Colon Cleansing”. For an optimal result, take together with the Intestinal Enzyme – “Happy Bowel”.   If one has cold or flu symptoms, immediately take 1 sachet, and then take sufficient amount of Lingzhi to aids in speedy recovery.

Happy Bowels Enzyme: The emphasis on the effectiveness of the Happy Bowels Enzyme is resolving the underlying causes, regulating and supplementing.

This enzyme contains enzyme (60%) and Probiotics (40%): For daily usage, take 1 sachet in the morning and evening on empty stomach. However, if one has overeaten, too full, burping, upset stomach; take 1 sachet immediately after food. To overcome hangover, take 1 sachet before and after alcohol consumption. Contain a relatively high lactobacillus helps to maintain the ecological balance in the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract; enhances food digestion and absorption, strengthen GI tract.  However, if food poisoning, take 3 sachets before admitting him / her to clinic or hospital.

Bee Pollen: The emphasis on the effectiveness of the Bee Pollen is regulating and supplementing.

Bee Pollen has been known as a complete nutritional treasure on earth. This is because it contains incredible nutritional and medicinal value and all the essential components of a new life. After cleansing or detoxification, Bee Pollen’s trace elements and nutrients help to compensate for common nutrient deficiencies and the imbalances in the body.

Spirulina: The emphasis on the effectiveness of the spirulina is regulating and supplementing.

Excellent source of protein, contains 8 essential amino acids. Protein is the building block of the body and also an essential component of cells in the body. After cleansing or detoxification, Blue algae or spirulina acts as an important element in renewing cells in the body.


Cleansing:  This complex enzyme aids in breaking down the waste substances and fecal encrustation in the gut as well as softening the impacted  waste substances in the hepatic ducts.

Regulating: Ganoderma lucidum and the complex enzymes aids in regulating bodily organs and functions in every aspect.

Supplementing: Supplementing balance nutrition, micro elements and probiotics.

Moistening: Moisten the air mechanism.

Resolving: Resolving the underlying causes.

Congratulations!  You have made the right choice for this simple and yet effective methods. You have made your Liver, Gallbladder and gastrointestinal by giving them an incredible friendly treats.


You will be amazed with the “Jade” and “Gem” coming out from your gut after 14 days. This is beyond your imagination and surprise.  During this 14 days process, you will feel energetic, radiant and completely renew.

This  [Gastrointestinal Purify, Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse] package is specially designed by the World Federation of Chinese Naturopathy / Chairman LingZhi Research and Development Council Ho, Yung-Ching and under his strict supervision in order to produce and achieve the most natural, safest and drug-free with optimal detoxification effect.

First 7 days is “Cleansing” phase, this is to enable the Liver, Gall Bladder and
Gastrointestinal system to adapt to the coming purification process in the body as well as to empty the gut in enabling the smooth and unhindered  flow of  “Jade” and “Gem” discharge from the gut.

Special attention has to be given on the 6th and 7th days:  Friendly reminder, after taking a light  breakfast, please “DO NOT Eat” on the 6th day.  Omit cookies, fruits, tibits, cold beverages and unhealthy foods. If you are really hungry, you can drink Lingzhi Enzyme or chewing Bee Pollen in a small quantity.   Drink plenty of water to facilitate detoxification process.

On the night of 6th days till 7th days, the “Jade” or “Gem” will discharge continuously from your system in varying sizes, remember to place a colander under the toilet bowl.

Last 7 days is “Regulating and Supplementing” phase. 

Liver is the only organ which can be removed and it will still regenerate by itself. It has a very strong vitality. After cleansing the liver and gallbladder of gallstones, it dramatically improves our overall health. During this phase, we need good quality and complete nutrition in repairing and regenerating process in the body. We have chosen two (2) products i.e. Plant Protein “Spirulina” and the most riches, natural and complete food “Bee Pollen” to help in generating new healthy cells in the body.

Guidelines for an effective Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse

Please follow the instructions in accordance to the time schedule and take only designated products for an effective Liver and Gallbladder detoxification.

If this is your first time performing a Liver and Gallbladder cleanse, please have your Ultrasound Scanning done, this is for you to understand your current liver conditions.  (Please enquire from Lohas Station on the location for Ultrasound Scanning; they will assist you in this matter)

For those with gastritis, take Lingzhi Enzyme alone without adding any water. Take it immediately after food. You can drink water after you have taken the Lingzhi enzyme.


14-Day Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse Program






Take Nectar Enzyme  30cc dilute with 300cc water under 40ºC(3 times a day)

7:00 AM

3:00 PM

8:00 PM



Take Nectar Enzyme  30cc dilute with 300cc water under 40ºC(3 times a day)

7:00 AM

3:00 PM

8:00 PM



Take Nectar Enzyme 30cc dilute with 300cc water under 40ºC(3 times a day)

7:00 AM

3:00 PM

8:00 PM



Take Nectar Enzyme 30cc dilute with 300cc water under 40ºC(3 times a day)

7:00 AM

3:00 PM

8:00 PM



Take Nectar Enzyme 30cc dilute with 300cc water under 40ºC(3 times a day)

7:00 AM

3:00 PM

8:00 PM


Take Cleansing Enzyme  (*1 pack) with 300cc water

before go to bed



1.take Nectar Enzyme 30cc dilute with 300cc water under 40ºC(4 times a day)


7:00 AM



6:00 PM

Don’t eat lunch and dinner

2.take Cleansing Enzyme (*1 pack) with 300cc water

3:00 PM

8:00 PM

3.take 150cc lemon juice with 150cc extra virgin olive oil, then immediately take Happy Bowels Enzyme (*1 pack)


4.put hot pack on liver and lie on the right side on the bed.

sleep on bed


1.take Cleansing Enzyme(*1 pack) with 300cc water

6:30 AM


2.take millet porridge with dry dragon eye , red date, and pumpkin.

    8 AM


Don’t eat too much at one time


1.take Bee Pollen (*5g / 1 pack)


before breakfast


2.take ganoderma  capsule(*1~2)


before breakfast

3.take spirulina tablet(*20, about 4g)


before go to bed


4. take ganoderma capsule (*1~2)



before go to bed

Healthy Tips : It will be great to add Ganoderma lucidum during this period to enhance the regulating effects of the body. Ganoderma lucidum has been known as the “King of Herbs”.  Take 1 sachet of Happy Bowel Enzyme immediately after each meal.  For cancer clients, Ganoderma lucidum spore is recommended.

* Friendly Reminder: Before you begin “DIY Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse”, kindly contact our Lohas station or contact our Nutritionist at 603-89451099 for proper guidance to ensure a smooth and effective running of the cleanse.



Healing Crisis

Healing crisis is a process in which the body undergoes an intense period of cleansing and rebuilding.  In this Book  Shangshuit is stated that if there is no healing crisis after taking drugs, then the sickness will not be fully recovered.  Hence, after your “Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse”, you may experience some discomfort or symptoms such as headache. These reactions are instead signs that Ganoderma Lucidum is working and regulating your body to a normal state. Please do not worry about the healing crisis, such reactions are temporary.

1.      Restoring internal injury and ulcer; resolving the underlying cause of coagulated blood, phlegm; regulating the hormonal imbalance in the endocrine system; decomposing and eliminating physiological metabolism caused by insufficiency of oxygen that produce overload of Hydrogen ions, free radicals, denatured protein, lipid peroxide, heavy metals and chemical products in the body.  During this process, one may experience temporary discomfort or unpleasant symptoms or pain.

2.      Normalize the self-immunity function, self-healing ability and other bodily functions, function of the nerve conduction sensor as well as the organs’ function.

The interaction of both is called the healing crisis.

3.      You may experience the following symptoms:

·  Head : dizziness or headache,  client with high blood pressure will usually experience the heavy headedness than usual.

·  Skin :  Body odours; discharged mucus from the eye, pigmentation, aging spots, acne, dandruff, earwax becoming more; and itching rashes.

·  Kidney : Increase frequency of urination, strong odours and darker colour in the urine.

·         Limbs : Client with rheumatoid arthritis will experiences pain attack when moving around, while diabetic client will experience an increase in blood glucose and mild edema in the extremities. 

·        Increase frequency of bowel movement with abnormal odours, black stool, diarrhea and / or constipation

·        Gynecology : vaginal discharges, presented with small blood clot, thick and darker menstrual and prolong menstrual period.

·        Other : Includes flu-like symptom, fever, mild edema due to the temporary burden increase in the kidney.

Please refer to the book entitled “Cancer, friend or enemy”, page 339-341 for detailed information on other healing crisis.

Important Notes:

Those with the following symptoms are not recommended to participate in this program  “Gastrointestinal and Liver Cleanse”:

1.      Those have been detected with blood tumor in the Liver or gallbladder  are not suitable to take part.

2.      Ultrasound scanning confirmed the gallstones measuring more than 2cm in size.

3.      Female who in during menstruation period or during pregnancy.

4.      Client with terminal diseases and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy; severe diabetic client and is currently undergoing insulin injection; client with renal failure or renal insufficiency or dialysis; and client with severe heart or coronary diseases.

5.      Terminal stage liver cancer client or client with cirrhosis of the liver presented with ascites.

6.      The cystic, hepatic and common bile duct are severely obstructed and infected by the gallstones and / or client who are in the coma state.

7.      Client with long term repeated episodes of cystic, hepatic and common bile duct obstruction and infection, and / or those who have seek medical treatment but have confirmed not effective at all.

8.      Impacted gallstones are found in the cystic, hepatic and common bile duct and / or biliary stenosis.

9.      Those who have been diagnosed with water retention or empyema of the gallbladder which caused by gallstones and / or developed acute suppurative cholangitis, as well as gangrenous cholecystitis.

10.  During the onset of any disease.

*Additional information : Those with the above conditions or disorder, please consult or seek professional medical treatment to help you make informed decision.

1.      Those with gastritis, please take Lingzhi Enzyme after 1 hour of each meal with no water added. After 10 minutes, you may then drink water in small quantity.

2.      Those with severe constipation, it is highly recommended to take 2 sachets of Cleansing Enzyme on the night of the fifth day.


·         Gallstones Discharge Pictures

·         Gallstones of 37-year-old Lady

·         Gallstones of 51-year-old thin aunt

·         Gall-sand or gravel discharge from the liver of a 59-year-old aunt

·         Gall-sand or gravel discharge from the Liver

These gallstones that stay in your body will not make you rich although it is a “treasure stones”.

Congratulations to you for choosing this program. You are welcome to invite your friends to participate.

If you want to further understand the discharge gallstone or “Gem” in particular, please do not hesitate to take photo of it , and email your photo to us for detailed analysis.




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